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A Passion

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I help dance teachers make a bigger impact through the power of sport psychology  


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Dancers with a positive attitude start with a positive mindset.”

Dr. Chelsea Pierotti


My Passion for Dance

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I believe that dance training prepares us to be better people. We learn to persist when life gets hard. We learn to push ourselves to be better every day.

Dancers pay attention to detail, lead with their heart, and develop grit along the way.

Dance teaches us to push through the pain in order to reach our goals. We are used to criticism, tears, bleeding toes, sore muscles, and that the show must go on no matter what.

I firmly believe that being a dancer teaches us important life skills, but I want to put a stop to the idea that we have to be broken in order to build ourselves back up. 

Dance can teach us about self-discipline, teamwork, confidence, grit and resilience without destroying a dancer’s self-esteem. I believe we can learn the same incredible life lessons through dance without the negativity. We can teach our young dancers skills like confidence, resilience and self-control through the tools of sport psychology.

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Custom workshops for schools teams, studios, and individual dancers covering topics like motivation, confidence, goal setting, team building,  values and more!

Hi, I'm Chelsea!

I help dance teachers learn the tools of sport psychology to help their dancers thrive.

Whether you are in the studio or coaching a school team, teaching dance is more than yelling “point your toes,” every 2 seconds and telling them to “pull up!” and “smile!” 

For 10 years I have used my experience as a professional dancer and coach, along with my PhD in sport psychology to help dance teachers make a bigger impact in the lives of their dancers. You may only have them in your class for a few hours a week, but you have the power to teach dancers about resilience, growth mindset, passion, and perseverance.