About - Dr. Chelsea Pierotti

about Me

My Story

I help dance teachers learn the tools of sport psychology to help their dancers thrive.

As a former professional ballet dancer, I know better than anyone that teaching dance is more than yelling “point your toes,” every 2 seconds and telling them to “pull up!” and “smile!” 

For 10 years I have used my experience as a professional dancer and coach, along with my PhD in sport psychology to help dance teachers make a bigger impact in the lives of their dancers. You may only have them in your class for a few hours a week, but you have the power to teach dancers about resilience, growth mindset, passion, and perseverance. 



Professional ballet dancer


Start coaching a high school team


First championship win


Still coaching and graduate with a PhD in Sport Psychology


Launch consulting business Passionate Coach LLC

What I Believe

Dance can teach us about self-discipline, teamwork, confidence, grit and resilience without destroying a dancer’s self-esteem.

We can learn the same incredible life lessons through dance without the negativity. We can teach our young dancers skills like confidence, resilience and self-control through the tools of sport psychology.

First, I value community. We can’t and shouldn’t go it alone, and I focus on support over competition. Second, I value personal growth. All of the dance educators I work with seem to agree with my value of learning. There’s always more, we’re all a beautiful work in progress. I believe in integrity, where I give the best I can in the moment and strive to show up as my best self, whatever that looks like that day. Next, I value confidence. I want to help all of us step into our strengths as coaches, knowing we can help our dancers do the same. And finally, I believe in impact. We are all doing this work for the impact we can make on the dancers we care about. We are here for more than just dance.