Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 100 - Important People
important people

Ep. 100 – Important People

Episode 100: Small Moments and the Important People You Share Them With


Welcome to the 100th episode of the Passion for Dance podcast! In honor of the 100th episode, I wanted to do something special. My passion has become a passion for so many of you who are listening, so thank you for continuing to tune in, listen, and send me all the messages about the podcast and how much it’s helped you. It's all about building relationships and I love this community so thank you for being a part of it!

Today’s episode is all about those small moments that shape who you are and the special people who are with you when you experience them. I asked a few different people who have been a part of my dance life at different stages to share a little story about a small moment they shared with me and what it meant to them. In the episode, I’ll play four messages from these four people and give my honest immediate reaction to them.

I hope you find this interesting, getting a little glimpse into me and the different phases of my life, and I hope this episode encourages you to pause and think about those small moments in your life that have really meant something to you and who was with you during those moments.

“The root of perfectionism is usually someone who has tied their self-worth to their dance skills. That’s why we often see it in our most talented dancers. They learned early on that they receive praise and reward for performing well in dance. So, they attached their perfect performances to receiving affection. They can start to believe, “I am whatever I can accomplish.“When you find people who value the same things that you do and who are on a similar purpose in their life, and you get to work together, it changes your whole experience. I would do all this coaching work by myself, but I don't want to. I want to do it with the people next to me, and I think that’s a big part of this whole conversation today, that these small moments are actually the big moments, but it’s not just the small moment. It’s because of the people you're with, and it’s because I was with someone who is so aligned with my heart that it felt so big, and that simple dinner was not so simple because of the people I was with.

– Dr. Chelsea

Key Highlights –

  • [3m 39s] – Message from JeniSue
  • [8m 48s] – Message From Brianna
  • [14m 32s] – Message From Carrie
  • [19m 36s] – Message From Angela

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