Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 103 - Motivation

Ep. 103 – Motivation

Episode 103: 3 Tools to Increase a Dancer's Motivation


Do your dancers get lazy sometimes? Do you not know how to motivate athletes as a coach? If your dancers are lacking motivation, there is something you can do about it!

Welcome to Part Three of my Framework Series. In today’s episode, we’ll be focusing on the motivation pillar. We’ll talk about the three ways you can inspire fierce motivation in your female athletes: team culture, rewards and punishments, and goal setting. These are all tactics for motivating athletes to improve their performance. We’ll break down why giving 100 percent 365 days a year is not sustainable, and how to cultivate steady motivation. These three skills we discuss in this episode will help you in motivating lazy athletes when they are having a harder time, because as the coach, there are things in your control that can make a difference in how your dancers show up to classes and practices.

I know these skills are easier said than done, and I want to help you help your dancers learn these skills. If you’d like to learn more about my Mental Skills Workshops, please visit, and you’ll see more information on both in-person and virtual options!

As artists, I think having a deeper understanding of the range of human emotions and what it looks like in us not only makes us more resilient, but it makes us better performers.”
e the power over them anymore.”“A culture that focuses on punishment will create a group of scared dancers who don't give you full effort, or if they do, they're only doing it so they don't get in trouble, and, again, that will backfire. It’s really hard to be excited for practice or work really hard in ballet if you're constantly worried about getting in trouble. So instead, we want to focus on positive reinforcement or rewarding the good behaviors you want to see more of.”

– Dr. Chelsea

Key Highlights –

  • [2m 51s] – The Goal Isn’t 100% Every Day
  • [3m 43s] – Steady Motivation
  • [4m 53s] – First Skill: Motivation is Rooted in Team Culture
  • [7m 05s] – Second Skill: Rewards and Punishments
  • [10m 14s] – Third Skill: Setting Clear Goals and Tracking Them
  • [12m 12s] – Inspiring Fierce Motivation Summary

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