Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 105 - The Best Leaders

Ep. 105 – The Best Leaders

Episode 105: Why the Best Leaders Always Share the Credit


As teachers, studio owners, and coaches, we often don't get credit when things are going well. If our dancers are doing well at competition, they are praised, and rightfully so. If we have a recital that goes off without a hitch, teachers might be praised but the studio owner is rarely recognized outside of the studio. 

I was recently working with a group of studio owners, and I heard from one of them how disheartening it can be when you’re giving everything of yourself to your studio and no one seems to notice. That conversation inspired me to share a short message in today’s episode about the importance of giving credit to others and how to deal with those negative emotions when you feel like no one notices how hard you’re working, along with some leadership tips.

While I believe that passing on the compliment to others is a sign of a strong leader, a lot of times, many leaders also can afford to recognize they’re allowed to take a compliment themselves, too. If you think this message might help another dance educator in your life, please share the episode with them. We could all use a little uplifting note now and then, so let’s spread that message to other hardworking dance educators who need to hear it!

“This is your reminder that if no one else is acknowledging your hand work, notice it within yourself. Celebrate the small wins. Recognize that a success from anyone else on your team is a reflection of your program and the culture you have built. You are allowed to be proud of that success, even if no one else is recognizing you. A strong leader doesn't need that external validation. You know you're doing the work and that other teacher’s success or that dancer’s progress is a reflection of what you have built, so own that within yourself.”

– Dr Chelsea

Key Highlights –

  • [1m 37s] – Giving Credit Where It’s Due
  • [4m 08s] – Taking Compliments and Taking Responsibility
  • [6m 05s] – Notice Hard Work Within Yourself
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