Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 108 - Team Bonding Part 1
team bonding

Ep. 108 – Team Bonding Part 1

Episode 108: The 2 Types of Effective Team Bonding You Need This Summer


Summary: Did you know there are two types of team bonding? I know many coaches believe that if dancers spend time together, both in and out of practice, they will bond. However, if you're not strategic about this, your team bonding activities will stay very surface level. Unless you encourage your dancers to learn to truly trust each other, they won't be able to get in the trenches and work together when it matters most later in the season. So, this episode kicks off part one of a three-part series on team bonding!

In this first episode, I’ll be talking about what team bonding really is, team bonding benefits, and I’ll discuss how to build that strong social culture for your dancers. I’ll also clarify the two different types of team bonding (social cohesion and task cohesion) so that you can ensure you’re focusing on both as we head into the start of our new seasons.

“Establishing task cohesion should be intentional. Give your dancers small tasks to do together, small problems to solve, and let them work it out. When they have to put aside differences, egos might need to be checked, and you can’t leave anyone behind, so it’s a great lesson for the larger goal of the season, to be able to perform your solid routines together.”

– Dr Chelsea

Key Highlights –

  • [1m 59s] – The Real Purpose of Team Bonding
  • [3m 57s] – Establishing Social Cohesion
  • [5m 25s] – Establishing Task Cohesion
  • [6m 13s] – The Line-Up Game
  • [8m 57s] – Task Cohesion Free Download
  • [10m 43s] – Join My Email List

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