Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 109 - Team Bonding Part 2
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Ep. 109 – Team Bonding Part 2

Episode 109: 4 Simple Factors that Influence Your Dance Team's Unity


Establishing cohesion and unity among a group of dancers is an ongoing process, and anyone who’s been a teacher or a coach for more than one year will probably tell you every group is different. One big reason why each group is different is because there are four factors that influence your ability to create a cohesive group, and those factors will change with every group of dancers. 

Today’s episode is part two of a three-part series on team building. In this episode, I’ll explain those four factors and help you understand what it takes to create a cohesive team. I’ll also answer the question of why some groups have an easier time working together and getting along compared to others. We know a more cohesive group of dancers is bound to be happier and more successful when they're on stage, plus it’s a lot more fun to teach and coach a group of dancers who are one solid unit.

“Research shows that one aspect of the situation that you can use to improve cohesion is the distinctiveness of your group. Even small things like a team name, wearing the same T-shirts, things like that can help improve unity. When we feel like our group is special and we feel like we belong to that group, that leads to a strong sense of connection, loyalty, and motivation.”

– Dr Chelsea

Key Highlights –

  • [1m 53s] – First Factor: Situation
  • [3m 45s] – Second Factor: Personal
  • [5m 37s] – Third Factor: Leadership
  • [7m 49s] – Fourth Factor: Team

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