Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 111 - Dance Science Careers
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Ep. 111 – Dance Science Careers

Episode 111: 6 Dance Science Experts Share How They Would Change Dance Education


Today’s episode is an epic collaboration of six dance specialists and dance business owners. It’s a re-release of an episode of my friend Jeanne’s podcast, The Feis Fit Podcast. We all got together to record for her show, and she graciously gave me permission to release the episode here as well!

In this episode, you’ll hear from Jeanne and I plus two other personal trainers you may know, Kendall and Katie, plus nutritionist Jenny, and Nina, an athletic trainer. We’ll be talking about the best parts of our time as dancers, the biggest challenges, the life lessons we learned from dance. For those of you who are dance educators, I think you’ll really like the part where we talk about what we would have changed about our own dance education, knowing what we know now about training, nutrition, dance science, dance medicine, and mental health.

Hearing how each of us approach this question differently was really interesting and definitely makes me rethink education in our industry right now. Even though we don’t explicitly talk about it, listening back to this, I think it is really interesting how each of the six of us have created a career based in the dance industry and now have thriving businesses that allow us to use our expertise and continue to work with dancers through our dance science jobs.

 “The big change I would have made in my training is the definition of success, that I think everybody’s success in the dance world tends to be external and out of your control. Your placement at competition, did you get the job, did you make that college team, what role did you get in the ballet. It’s always that external success and being able to reframe it to internal success, and your own definitions would change how we approach everything.”

– Dr Chelsea

Key Highlights –

  • [2m 52s] – Introductions
  • [5m 01s] – Favorite Dance Memories
  • [10m 45s] – Biggest Challenges Faced as Dancers
  • [22m 20s] – What Would You Have Changed in Your Dance Class to Improve More
  • [35m 17s] – Greatest Life Lessons Learned From Dance

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