Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 112 - Communication

Ep. 112 – Communication

Episode 112: 7 Tips for Effective Communication Between Coaches and Athletes


Summary: Healthy communication with our dancers starts with us dance coaches and teachers. We’re the role models for how we want to communicate in our programs and our studios and our teams. We establish the rules and expectations for how to talk to each other and what healthy communication looks like. Good communication can improve motivation, can help dancers be more resilient, and can put them in the right mindset to persevere and have fun.

In today’s episode, we’re diving into the importance of effective communication, which is a huge topic both in its complexity and importance. I’ll be talking about effective communication strategies and will give you seven distinct ways to communicate effectively from coach to athlete or teacher to dancer. As I always say, your language matters, so how you communicate to your dancers can make a huge impact in their lives.

“Communication is this ongoing process. It’s not this skill that you learn, you master, and it’s in your toolbox when you need it. It’s a constant interaction between people, so that means it’s always evolving and changing.”

– Dr Chelsea

Key Highlights –

  • [1m 42s] – Foundation of Trust
  • [3m 17s] – Giving Difficult Feedback
  • [5m 06s] – Seven Tips for Effective Coach/Athlete or Teacher/Dancer Communication
  • [5m 14s] – Tip 1: Recognize Individual Differences
  • [6m 31s] – Tip 2: Remember Key Characteristics of Effective Communication
  • [7m 33s] – Tip 3: Tell Dancers Your Rationale
  • [8m 20s] – Tip 4: Catch Them Doing Good 
  • [9m 08s] – Tip 5: Remember Non-Verbal Communication
  • [10m 19s] – Tip 6: Evaluate and Monitor What’s Going on in Your Group
  • [10m 52s] – Tip 7: Recognize Stress and Emotions Run High During Certain Parts of the Season
  • [12m 40s] – Healthy Communication Strategy Recap
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