Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 113 - effort

Ep. 113 – effort

Episode 113: Don’t Just Insist on More Effort From Your Dancers, There Is a Better Way


When we think our dancers are being lazy or don’t care, we tend to yell for full out and push for more energy because we assume the dancers aren’t giving us their full effort. But what actually is effort? How do you know what someone else’s 100% effort actually looks like?

Today’s episode was inspired by Coach Alaina who sent me a voice note that really got me thinking. In the episode, we’ll talk about effort, what full out really means, and how to help your dancers give more effort in practice. We’ll also dive into answering what’s really going on when your dancers appear to be lacking effort. If you have a topic you want to hear discussed on the show, please leave me a voice note at!

“We tend to assume not going full out means they don’t care or that they’re choosing not to give full effort. As a teacher or a coach, I used to be personally offended like, “I’m here giving you everything I have. Why won't you meet me at that level?” But there are actually a lot of other possible psychological reasons why you don't see full effort from a dancer.”

– Dr Chelsea

Key Highlights –

  • [1m 26s] – Coach Alaina’s Thoughts
  • [2m 33s] – Lack of Effort and What’s Really Going On
  • [3m 26s] – The Two Assumptions We Make
  • [6m 07s] – Psychological Reasons You Don’t See Full Out From a Dancer
  • [8m 46s] – What Dance Teachers Can Do
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