Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 116 - Clutch

Ep. 116 – Clutch

Episode 116: How to Take Control and Reach Your Personal Best on Stage


I think we would all love a hack for peak performance, wouldn't we? Peak performance is when you are able to perform at your personal best to reach your full potential. Think of it like reaching your full potential. All of that work you've done in class, all the long practices and drilling routines is worth it, and you perform your personal best when it counts. When you're under pressure, you hit it. While there is no hack for reaching peak performance, if you understand what helps you achieve peak performance, like where it comes from, you can improve your chances of making it happen.

In today’s episode, I’ll be talking about the concept of peak performance. I’ll explain a type of peak performance called clutch state and what to do to help make that clutch performance more likely, that way you can take control and reach your personal best onstage. We’ll discuss the six things that lead up to a clutch state, and if you spend time working on these six things, you will be a clutch performer.

“When you're able to handle the challenge of competition or auditions and you nail your routine and you have your personal best when you're under pressure, that’s a clutch state.”

– Dr Chelsea

Key Highlights –

  • [1m 29s] – Clutch State
  • [2m 21s] – One: Your Ability Matches the Challenge
  • [3m 28s] – Two & Three: Set Specific Goals  and Commit to Those Goals 
  • [4m 48s] – Four: Be Aware of the Risk
  • [5m 37s] – Five: Freedom to Choose
  • [6m 27s] – Six: Confidence

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