Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 118 - Mental toughness Myths
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Ep. 118 – Mental toughness Myths

Episode 118: 4 Mental Toughness Myths That Could Be Holding You Back


If you've ever talked to your dancers about taking the floor with a confident mindset or using visualization before a competition, you probably understand the importance of mental skills training. But do you have any beliefs about mental toughness that are holding you back from your personal best? In my experience, there are four major myths that keep coaches from implementing mental toughness training with their team, even when they know it will be the difference in the team’s success.

In today’s episode, I’ll be discussing these four myths about mental toughness that I’ve heard around the internet, on social media, when I talk to dance educators, and in workshops that may keep teachers from training their dancers in mental skills. I don’t want anything holding you back, so let’s make sure these four false beliefs aren't getting in your way.

“In reality, mental toughness training is for everyone regardless of skill level, competitive experience, and future goal. Mental toughness training is a chance to improve your skill set. It’s simply a way to advance and showcase the physical skills you've spent so many years training.”

– Dr Chelsea

Key Highlights –

  • [3m 00s] – First Myth: You Either Have Mental Toughness or You Don't
  • [4m 10s] – Second Myth: Mental Toughness is About the Mind
  • [5m 43s] – Third Myth: Mentally Tough People are Also Super Competitive
  • [6m 48s] – Fourth Myth: Mental Toughness Training is a Sign of a Weak Athlete

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