Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 12- What Every Tired Dance Teacher Needs to Know About Burnout

Ep. 12- What Every Tired Dance Teacher Needs to Know About Burnout

What Every Tired Dance Teacher Needs to Know About Burnout

As a coach or a teacher, we’ve all been through the challenges that come with the end of the season. You’ve been training your competition routine for months, it’s rounding to the end of the season and it’s time to push through those last few big events, planning a recital, or getting ready for nationals, however, you end your year. For me, there were years where this transition into that last big push went smoothly. The dancers were ready for the increased practices, motivated each other to keep fighting, and we had a great end of our competitive season. There were even years when I felt ready to handle it. But there were a lot of years where just the thought of getting through that last show was exhausting. So if you are feeling tired this year, maybe a little more irritable with your dancers, or maybe you’re even ready to give up… then this episode is for you. Let’s talk about burnout.

Here are some highlights:

  • [2m 50s] The symptoms of burnout: mental, physical, behavioral 
  • [9m 30s] Burnout has 3 key components: overwhelming exhaustion, detachment, sense of ineffectiveness. Should I quit teaching dance?
  • [12:45] Where does burnout come from?
  • [17m 45s] What to do if your dancers are feeling burned out
  • [22m 59s] Tips for dealing with burnout as the dance educator

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