Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 120 - Dance Parents 2
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Ep. 120 – Dance Parents 2

Episode 120: How to Be A Mindful and Supportive Dance Parent


In today’s episode, I am back with Dr. Megan Babkes-Stellino to answer some of your questions about dance parents! If you missed part one, pause and go back and listen to Episode 115 (link below!). We had some great feedback and incredible questions come in regarding dealing with dance moms and sport parents that Dr. Megan graciously agreed to come back and share some more insight on.

In this episode, we’ll talk about getting our dancers to give full effort and helping dancers and parents understand that effort and ability are not the same thing. You’ll also be hearing from two dance teachers who have different assessments of a dancer’s ability than the parent does, and how do you deal with that conflict. Dr. Megan will also be sharing the three M’s of sport parenting, which you can then share with your dance parents to help create a better working relationship.

Because I like to help make things simpler for you, I took a lot of the great advice that Dr. Megan shared and put it into a download called How to be a Mindful and Supportive Dance Parent. The link is below for you if you want something concrete that you can give to dance parents to start this conversation about how they can be a supportive dance parent!

“As we develop, we start learning very, very profoundly that those who are better are so without having to try as hard. And so, then when we coach and we parent and we teach and we’re like, “Where’s your effort,” it’s like something’s lost in the humanity of the experience because I shouldn't have to try hard if I’m good, and that’s where I’m trying to pull in maybe an alternate mechanism of maybe it’s shifting a technique. So, “Do this. Put your arm in a different way. Bend your leg a little bit more. Focus on the thoughts that are running through your head,” instead of just all-out effort.”

– Megan Babkes Stellino

Key Highlights –

  • [2m 42s] – Question From Maria: Disconnect of Effort
  • [15m 27s] – Disconnect Between What Coach and Parent View as Child’s Ability
  • [28m 11s] – Aspects of Motivation
  • [33m 10s] – Three M’s of Sport Parenting

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Megan Babkes Stellino

Dr. Megan Babkes Stellino is the Founder and Executive Director of Mindful Sport Parenting. As a former NCAA DI collegiate gymnast, she combines her 20+ years of experience as a Professor, researcher and educator in the Psychology of Sport, Exercise & Physical Activity focused on studying and teaching about social influences, motivation and developmental aspects of youth sport WITH her 16 years, thus far, as a Mom of two boys who are competitive athletes, to create this evidence-based community of practice to make navigating the SPORT PARENTING journey one that is informed and guided with purpose, intention and clarity.

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