Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 121 - Accountability

Ep. 121 – Accountability

Episode 121: 6 Ways to Teach Accountability


In today’s episode, I’ll be tackling one of the biggest issues I hear about all summer: accountability. I hear from teachers and coaches who feel like it’s gotten so much harder to get their dancers to follow through on expectations lately. I hear from dancers whenever we talk about team values, talk about how much they need more accountability, responsibility, and self-discipline on their teams. Having accountability on a team is like collected self-discipline. It’s when everyone is doing their part and holding every other dancer to the same expectation.

If both dancers and teachers want more but it’s not happening, how do you teach accountability? Well, I’ve got you covered! In this episode, we’ll define accountability and discuss six ways you can teach accountability to your dancers to help develop the self-discipline that will in turn lead to teamwork.

“I think of being accountable, in our context, as being responsible and answerable. You have to answer for your actions and be responsible for doing what you promised. We are asking dancers to follow through on an expectation that they promised to uphold.”

– Dr Chelsea

Key Highlights –

  • [1m 21s] – Accountability Defined
  • [2m 26s] – Six Ways to Teach Accountability 
  • [2m 47s] – One: Establish Team Values and Articulate Behavior Standards 
  • [3m 45s] – Two: Document Clear, Agreed-Upon Team Goals 
  • [4m 24s] – Three: Describe Individual Roles & Explain Their Contributions to the Team’s Success
  • [5m 37s] – Four: Provide Regular Feedback That’s Contingent, Supportive, Positive, & Corrective
  • [6m 37s] – Five: Create Opportunities for Team Members to Share Feedback with Each Other
  • [7m 22s] – Six: Encourage Team Members to Hold Each Other to the Stated Standards 
  • [8m 50s] – Recap

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