Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 122 - Grit

Ep. 122 – Grit

Episode 122: Do Your Dancers Have Grit?


Grit is in the dancer who works so much harder than the naturally-talented dancer who slides by. Grit is in the dancer who doesn't quit on a new skill and in the dancer who gets back up every time she falls. Even if you're not familiar with this term, you've probably seen it as a coach and a teacher.

In today’s episode, we’ll be talking all about this mental skill of grit. We’ll discuss the two key areas of grit: passion and persistence. We’ll also touch on an equation for achievement, talent, effort, and skill. I believe we can teach our dancers to have more grit because no matter how much talent they start with, we have to help them take it as far as they can go!

“Passionate people tend to be successful because they put in the effort. It’s no accident. Remember grit is that combination of passion and consistent effort. It’s a lot easier to give consistent effort if you're working towards a goal you're passionate about.”

– Dr Chelsea

Key Highlights –

  • [1m 51s] – Two Key Areas of Grit
  • [2m 12s] – Passion
  • [4m 58s] – Persistence
  • [6m 03s] – Achievement, Talent, and Skill
  • [8m 11s] – How to Encourage Grit in Your Dancers

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