Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 125 - Goals Part 3
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Ep. 125 – Goals Part 3

Episode 125: 8 Mistakes That Will Derail Your Dance Goals and Set You Back


Welcome to part three of my goal-setting series! If this is the first time you're tuning in, please feel free to back up a few episodes and start with part one of this goal-setting series. However, if you’re a loyal listener, you’re set up and ready to listen to this episode!

There are a lot of common problems that come up for dancers, and they derail you from reaching your full potential and climbing your personal mountain. But if you know what could get in the way and you plan for it, you are much closer to realizing your dreams, whether at competition or in the studio. In this episode, we’ll be talking about why people fail at their goals. We’ll dive into eight common problems I see with goals, so tune in to learn all about what could get in the way of your dancers’ goals.

Balancing the types of goals helps you become a more well-rounded dancer, mentally and physcially. You’ll see progress with different types of goals at different rates, which improves motivation and helps you stay on track, reducing burnout and all the other good things that come with good goal setting.”

– Dr Chelsea

Key Highlights –

  • [1m 24s] – Eight Common Goal Problems
  • [1m 39s] – One: Setting Too Many Too Soon
  • [2m 32s] – Two: Failing to Recognize Individual Differences
  • [3m 24s] – Three: Setting Goals That are Too General
  • [3m 58s] – Four: Failing to Modify Unrealistic Goals
  • [4m 55s] – Five: Failing to Set Process and Perforamance Goals
  • [5m 20s] – Six: Failing to Understand the Required Time Commitment
  • [6m 38s] – Seven: Setting Only Technique-Related Goals
  • [7m 29s] – Eight: Failing to Create a Supportive Atmosphere
  • [8m 01s] – Recap

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