Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 127 - Motivation

Ep. 127 – Motivation

Episode 127: Good Dancers Believe in Their Ability to Learn, Not Just Get it Right


Helping your dancers find the drive to work hard in class is a constant struggle for a lot of us. I think we all want to help our dancers show up with confidence and work hard every day and teach them to keep fighting when it gets hard. There are a lot of ways you can motivate your dancers, but today I’m gonna talk about one specific idea you can use to help motivate your athletes. It boils down to making them feel capable.

In today’s episode, we’ll take a deeper dive into motivation. We’ll discuss the basic psychological human need of feeling capable and go into five ways to help your dancers to believe they are capable. Listen in for many new easy to make your dancers feel capable in your next class!

“Many dancers today don't feel very capable and spend a lot of class time comparing themselves to other people or being afraid of failure, so they hold back. That looks like a lack of motivation in class, or they look like lazy dancers in rehearsals, but it could actually be that they don't feel capable. Are they really being lazy or are they afraid of failure and don't want anyone to see if they can't do it.”

– Dr Chelsea

Key Highlights –

  • [1m 10s] – Three Basic Psychological Human Needs
  • [2m 00s] – The Need to Feel Capable
  • [3m 37s] – Five Ways to Help Your Dancers to Believe They Are Capable
  • [4m 41s] – One: Set Goals That Optimally Challenge Your Athletes
  • [7m 34s] – Two: Ensure Your Skill-Building Drills are Meaningful and Athletes Understand their Purpose
  • [9m 33s] – Three: Encourage Athletes to Try new Things and Support Their Creativity
  • [10m 20s] – Four: Giving Good Feedback in Class
  • [11m -5s] – Five: Ensure Your Dancers Know it’s Okay to Make Mistakes

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