Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 129 - Confidence Cycle
confidence cycle

Ep. 129 – Confidence Cycle

Episode 129: How to Break into the Confidence Cycle


Do you need confidence to perform well, or do you need to perform well before you can feel confident about yourself? Confidence is one of the biggest mental skills dancers are usually working on. Whether we are a new studio dancer or a professional on Broadway, we are always trying to find that confidence boost to control our nerves and put our best foot forward. The question is how do you get that confidence?

Today’s episode is all about the confidence cycle. We’ll discuss the benefits of intentional cleaning sessions, giving your dancers a sense of accomplishment, and acknowledging small victories will have on your dancers’ confidence. When your dancers feel more confident, they’ll have better performance success, which only increases their confidence!

 “Confidence is cyclical. When you feel more confident, you perform better, which increases your confidence. But you can feel confident before you reach competitive success or before you complete that hard skill, and once you do succeed, confidence will follow. The challenge, though, is this cycle works in reverse too. So think of a clock unwinding and going backwards. If you hold back while you dance and act timid just waiting before you feel confident, you won't perform to your best potential, which likely decreases your confidence because you know it wasn't your best, which makes you hold back and dance even smaller. You can't wait for success to feel confident, or your confidence cycle will spin backwards.”

– Dr Chelsea

Key Highlights –

  • [1m 42s] – Confidence is Cyclical
  • [2m 39s] – Continue Cleaning
  • [3m 31s] – Sense of Accomplishment
  • [4m 55s] – Use Cleaning Sessions Intentionally
  • [6m 16s] – Acknowledging Small Victories

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