Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 131 - Awareness

Ep. 131 – Awareness

Episode 131: The FIRST Mental Skill Your Dancers Need to Learn and Probably Never Did


If you want dancers with more focus in class or more personal accountability, there is one mental skill that dancers need first. Maybe you’re frustrated right now because dancers aren't taking corrections or are just going through the motions in class without much drive or purpose. I get it because I’ve seen this type of mindset in studios and school teams all over the country.

In this episode, we’ll discuss how working on one fundamental mental skill may be the solution to your biggest headache right now. We’ll take a deeper look at using this mental skill in warm-up, practice, competition, and to deconstruct routine behaviors. We’ll also talk about how this mental skill just might be the key to joy for your dancers.

To help build this mental skill, you’ll want to give your dancers the opportunity to reflect and journal on a regular basis. So to help you with that, you can grab your copy right now of 46 Different Journal Prompts for Dancers. Enjoy this episode on the one foundational mental skill your dancers need to work on right now!

 “Consider how different it would be to be fully present during warm up. Paying attention to your breath. Noticing sensations in your body as you're stretching. Thinking about what you want to focus on in practice or setting an intention for class. If we want dancers to stay present and be aware of their own thoughts and feelings during a 90-minute class, we can start by challenging them to do at least that through warm up.”

– Dr Chelsea

Key Highlights –

  • [2m 08s] – Story From a Coach
  • [3m 21s] – Using Warm-Up to Practice Self-Awareness
  • [4m 45s] – Self-Awareness is the Foundation
  • [6m 24s] – Developing Awareness Starts in Practice
  • [7m 48s] – Increase Awareness by Reflecting After Performance
  • [9m 14s] – Awareness: The Key to Joy
  • [10m 22s] – Awareness of Unhelpful Routine Behaviors[11m 34s] – Awareness is About Responsibility

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