Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 133 - Comparison

Ep. 133 – Comparison

Episode 133: How Dance Teachers Can Turn Comparison into Inspiration


Have you ever looked at another dance teacher who you admire and just felt jealous or had the thought, “How can I compare myself to these top people in the industry whose career I wish I had,” and then use that comparison for inspiration, or if you get trapped in that sense of, “I’ll never get there.” If you’ve ever had these thoughts, you’re probably a passionate dance teacher or someone who also gets caught in a comparison trap. Here’s the thing though: comparison doesn't have to make you feel so isolated or feel less than or stuck. Comparison can be a source of inspiration.

In this episode, I’ll share a bit about my own experience of getting caught in the comparison trap. We’ll also talk about the red flags that come up as a teacher when comparison is holding you back and how you can help your dancers get out of the comparison trap mindset to find confidence and inspiration. I hope this episode helps you pause and consider how you can shift your perspective from the comparison trap to using others as inspiration!

“I believe the first step to dealing with comparison is the first step to improving a lot of mental skills: we have to be aware of our own thoughts and emotions. I will admit it wasn't until my thirties I realized that my darker days, my most unproductive days, my days when I was in my own worst self-pity parties and negative thoughts were at their strongest was when I was caught in comparison. Once I finally became aware of what was triggering it, I could begin to battle the negative side and embrace comparison as a source of inspiration.”

– Dr Chelsea

Key Highlights –

  • [1m 56s] – My Experience With Comparison
  • [3m 26s] – The Comparison Trap is a Normal Experience
  • [4m 04s] – Signs Comparison is Holding You Back
  • [6m 55s] – Ask Yourself These Three Questions
  • [10m 38s] – How to Address Comparison as a Teacher[13m 29s] – Helping to Shift Your Dancers’ Comparison Mindset

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