Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 134 - Controllables

Ep. 134 – Controllables

Episode 134: The 3 Things In Your Control if You Want to Be Successful


Do you feel like your dancers are focused, dialed in, and confident when it’s time to take the stage, or do they seem nervous, distracted, and scared? As a passionate dance teacher, you might feel like you've done your best to prepare your dancers for success, yet they still get anxious and say things like, “What if I make a mistake?”

In this episode, I’ll share how to help your dancers stay focused and calm during competition. I’ll unpack more about the simple mindset mantra that I personally use nearly every day, and when I teach it to dancers and teachers, I’ve seen it make a big difference for them as well. I’ll also share about the three things that are in your control and break down the ACE acronym. If you want to help your dancers let go and perform, listen in to hear about how you can calm their inner voice and allow the best performance to flow!

“Every day, there are three things that are in your control: your actions, your concentration, and your effort. I use the ACE acronym when I teach this to help dancers remember. When you’re nervous before a competition, you can only control your actions, your concentration, and your effort.”

– Dr Chelsea

Key Highlights –

  • [2m 11s] – Control The Controllables
  • [4m 53s] – First Thing In Your Control: Your Actions
  • [7m 23s] – Second Thing In Your Control: Your Focus
  • [8m 36s] – Third Thing In Your Control: Your Effort
  • [10m 16s] – Daily Life Mantra
  • [12m 32s] – Join My Weekly Mental Skills Newsletter

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