Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 136 - Breath Control
breath control

Ep. 136 – Breath Control

Episode 136: The Quick Solution to Prevent Dancers from Choking on Stage


Why do people choke? You've been cleaning your routine for months, you’ve spent hours in technique classes, and the routine looks flawless. Then finally the time comes to take the competition floor, and someone chokes with a random mistake that you've never seen before that unfolds before your eyes in slow motion. Let's talk about the number one reason an athlete chokes. Side note: it's not just a lack of preparation.

In today’s episode we’ll discuss the mental skill of relaxation. We’ll talk about over-arousal, the advantages of using breath training and how it works, and I’ll give you an example of a breath control pattern I use with my dancers to combat over-arousal. With today's mental skill, I'm here to help you make sure all that hard work in the studio shows up on stage, so if you've ever had a dancer mess up on something they've done correctly in practice a zillion times, this episode is for you!

“Relaxation also forces you to focus your energy in and pay attention to your body. It's exactly what every athlete should be doing during a crucial competitive moment. You don't want dancers paying attention to the team that's competing right before them or worrying about the turn section they have coming up. You want them focused on their own body and their own skills and each count as it comes. Relaxation and breath training brings the focus back to your body in the present moment.”

– Dr Chelsea

Key Highlights –

  • [1m 49s] – Lack of Concentration and Focus
  • [3m 42s] – Over-Arousal Can Cause Dancers to Choke
  • [4m 31s] – Breath Training
  • [5m 32s] – Advantages of Using Breath Training
  • [8m 45s] – How Breath Training Works
  • [10m 40s] – Breath Control Pattern Example

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