Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 137 - Effort

Ep. 137 – Effort

Episode 137: Hardworking Dancers Have Teachers Who Do These 3 Things


Since it’s Thanksgiving week here in The States, I’ll be taking time off to be with family and away from screens and work, but I didn’t want to leave you without another episode to help improve your dancer's mental toughness. This is a re-release of episode 51 from way back in early 2022, where I talk all about the three things that we can do as teachers to encourage our dancers to work harder.

I think this topic has been so popular because we all want hard-working dancers, and there are a few simple things teachers can do to get a little more effort from your dancers. In this episode we’ll cover those three things dance educators can do to encourage hard-working and self-motivated dancers. I hope you enjoy this episode, and if you're celebrating this week, I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving!

What you choose to praise in your dancers is one of the biggest choices and educational tools at your disposal. If you want hard working dancers, praise them for their hard work. Don't reserve the praise for hitting the skill or winning at the competition. That only makes them more likely to give up when class gets hard, and I'm not saying you can't praise them in those moments, I'm just saying don't make that the only time.

– Dr Chelsea

Key Highlights –

  • [1m 37s] – Two Sides to Motivation
  • [2m 45s] – First Way to Create a Focused Dance Environment: Make Dance Optimally Challenging
  • [7m 02s] – Second Way to Create a Focused Dance Environment: Praise Effort Over Outcome
  • [9m 06s] – Third Way to Create a Focused Dance Environment: Define Success as Growth, Not Perfection

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