Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 14- How to Choose the Best Leaders for Your Dance Team

Ep. 14- How to Choose the Best Leaders for Your Dance Team

How to Choose the Best Leaders for Your Dance Team

This week we are going to focus on leadership specifically for high school and college dance teams. But if you don’t have captains on your team or you’re in the studio world don’t leave me just yet. You probably have informal leaders at your studio or ballet company, and whether you call them captains or they are the appointed leader of the group here as an important concept to remember:  A leader’s influence can be either positive or negative, but it’s never neutral.  So whether you have formal or informal leaders, they are making a difference for every dancer around them.  Dance team leaders can determine if the rest of the team learns cooperation, teamwork, passion, and motivation, or if the other dancers learn to be lazy, complacent, and unmotivated. A positive leader can encourage a team with less than ideal technical abilities to rally and reach unimaginable competitive heights.  On the other hand, a team captain or leader may be apathetic and ineffective or actually harmful to a team’s success. (I’ve seen both first hand, and the quality of my team leaders has a lot to do with which years were my favorite). Here’s the bottom line, leaders, whether formal or not, are an ESSENTIAL element on your dance team’s road to success. In this episode I cover the 3 types of leaders and the characteristics to look for in a leader. 

Here are some highlights:

  • [3m 16s] 3 Types of peer leaders
  • [9m 12s] Key qualities of successful leaders
  • [14m 35] Most important quality in a leader

Looking for more guidance on choosing the right leaders for your dance team? Download the Roadmap to Choosing the Right Captains to get started!

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