Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 142 - Team Dynamics
team dynamics

Ep. 142 – Team Dynamics

Episode 142: Motivating individual dancers to work together for their dreams


Summary: When it's time for competition season, there are usually two types of dance teams. First, there’s the dance team who usually all gets along and enjoys working together. Then, there’s the dance team that doesn’t actually get along all that well and might be dealing with some lingering animosity. We know that mutual liking for each other helps your cohesion and will help your team be successful, but we also know you can't force it because sometimes it's just not there. What do you do when your team is falling short of their potential because they are just a group, not a team? How do you help them transform into a true team?

In this episode, I'm going to help teach you how to bring together the team of dancers who aren't clicking or getting along. There is a way to use positive mental skills to help ensure success. We’ll discuss social cohesion, prosocial skills, and how returning to your team’s goals and reminding your dancers they need each other will help bring them all back together as a team!

If you're struggling to motivate your dancers during competition season, they might be waiting for everyone else on the team to pick it up before they'll go there too. It's a rare dancer who is okay being the only one working that hard, and I mean, those are a gem, but they're rare. Usually, dancers want to see everyone around them working to that same effort, but that means the whole team starts to settle for the lowest effort in the room. Instead, remind them that if they want to reach their dreams this year, they need each other. So they better use those prosocial skills and work together for that no-regrets performance.”

– Dr Chelsea

Key Highlights –

  • [3m 13s] – Social Cohesion
  • [5m 43s] – Prosocial Skills
  • [8m 20s] – Return to Your Team’s Goals
  • [10m 19s] – Remind Your Dancers They Need Each Other

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