Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 143 - Disappointment

Ep. 143 – Disappointment

Episode 143: How Dancers Navigate Disappointment and Learn to Overcome


Disappointment is something we all have to go through, but we don't actually talk about how. We're just supposed to get over it and keep pushing forward. So how exactly do you deal with disappointment and continue pushing forward?

In today’s episode, I'll be speaking directly to the dancers, and we’ll be talking about how to deal with disappointment. Maybe you didn't get the role you wanted, you didn’t book the audition you were hoping for, or you're disappointed in how your solo scored last week. If you're a dancer, the likelihood is that you've had to wrestle with this negative emotion of being disappointed, so tune in to hear more about the six steps to dealing with disappointment. This way, the next time you need a little pick-me-up after a low score or you need help turning around a bad mood after a disappointing performance, you'll know exactly what to do!

Deciding to deal with disappointment and not just ignore it takes conscious effort. The automatic, easy thing to do is to do all the what-ifs and get stuck there. You have to decide you want to process this emotion and move on. You won't just wake up one day and feel over it. You have to decide to approach this issue with a different mindset and say, “It's time to move forward,” and then actively transition.”

– Dr Chelsea

Key Highlights –

  • [1m 33s] – Everyone Deals With Disappointment 
  • [4m 52s] – Disappointment Leads to Rumination
  • [6m 15s] – Dealing With Disappointment Takes a Conscious Effort
  • [7m 15s] – First Step: Emotional Awareness
  • [8m 07s] – Second Step: Accept It’s a Human Experience
  • [8m 45s] – Third Step: Reframe The Experience
  • [9m 21s] – Fourth Step: Change Your Self-Talk
  • [10m 51s] – Fifth Step: Focus on a New Accomplishment
  • [11m 38s] – Sixth Step: Reach Out For Help
  • [12m 48s] – Disappointment Story From My Dance Life

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