Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 147- Praise

Ep. 147- Praise

Episode 147: Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Praise?


When you're trying to motivate your dancers using positive coaching, you might focus on celebrating the small wins, cheering them on, praising every step of growth along the way. That all sounds good, but let's talk about the flipside: could too much praise be a bad thing?

In this episode, I'm going to tell you all about what psychologists call the Good Job Coach, and as it turns out, the Good Job Coach might not be as motivational as you might think. We’ll discuss the importance of specificity with feedback and the sweet spot of balance between praise, instruction, and redirection. Tune in to hear all about what too much praise can do to your dancers and how to keep their spirits high!

“If you get a generic compliment from a judge, it feels like, “Oh, they say that to everyone.” But if you get something really specific to the routine they just saw, that feels so much better, and you're more likely to take it to heart. Praise and instruction from any coach or teacher that is specific and tied to that dancer and that routine will not only mean more to the dancer, but they're more likely to take that corrective feedback and make a change.”

Dr Chelsea

Key Highlights –

  • [3m 00s] – How Often Do You Praise Your Dancers?
  • [6m 34s] – Finding Balance Between Praise, Instruction, and Redirection
  • [8m 02s] – Be Specific With Your Feedback
  • [9m 00s] – Always End on a High Note

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