Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 15- How to Measure Success

Ep. 15- How to Measure Success

How to Measure Success

Whenever a dance team is competitively successful, we see lots of social media posts, public praise, and gratitude. And rightfully so. When a team comes out on top of the rankings the coach and dance teachers are usually a big reason why. We should celebrate and congratulate those dance educators on a successful event.

But what about when a team doesn’t have a great competition and they fall short of their competitive goals? Is the coach any less successful?

I think it’s important to stop and consider what makes a successful dance educator, and more importantly, how you as a coach and educator should measure your own success each year. Your personal success is very different from the competitive success of your dancers. Let me reiterate that… how your dancers perform is not tied to your self-worth as a person or value as a coach.

Here are some highlights:

  • [1m 56s] What is a Coach
  • [4m 01s] 3 Ways to Measure Success at
  • [7m 56s] My Personal Goal for 2021
  • [10m 38s] Reflect on your process
  • [13m 08s] Success is piece of mind

Mentioned in the Show:

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