Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 150 - Kelsey Nelson
Kelsey Nelson

Ep. 150 – Kelsey Nelson

Episode 150: Getting Dancers to Train with Fierce Intention, Go Full Out, and Hold Themselves Accountable with Kelsey Nelson


Do you wish you had dancers who pushed themselves in class and held themselves accountable? This seems to be a common challenge for a lot of dance teachers: we wish our dancers would embrace a challenging class with a positive attitude and enjoy the process of training to be an excellent dancer.

In today’s episode, I'm going to tackle the concept of accountability in class and getting dancers to go full out with a friend of mine, the incredible dance teacher, Kelsey Nelson. Kelsey likes to dig into what developing artists need, and dancers who train with her are given tools to aid in both their mental and physical needs while also learning proper foundation and technique. She created her own cross-training and teaching method, and today we get to learn all about it.

Before she started her journey as an educator, Kelsey worked professionally on various major motion pictures and corporate work, and now she travels across the country working for national talent competitions and conventions. She is impacting the dance industry and is so sought after for her innovative and knowledgeable training and coaching, which is why I wanted to bring her here to you. She's a master at teaching challenging classes that help dancers find their own motivation and accountability, and she's going to share her little secrets with you today!

“And so, I think as teachers, it's not even so much accountability that we need to focus on. It's clear, communicated expectations prior to whatever it is that you're doing. Whether that's a rehearsal, a conditioning class, a combo, going to convention, going to nationals, whatever it is, just being really clear with the expectations, and then following through and not being afraid of that and putting those “consequences” — I say there's consequences for everything, whether it's a good choice or a bad choice that you make. But putting those out there at the forefront, then everybody knows, and you can't be upset.”

– Kelsey Nelson

Key Highlights –

  • [3m 39s] – The Purpose of Kelsey’s Cross-Training Method
  • [5m 32s] – Mind-Body Connection When Teaching
  • [9m 23s] – Exercises to Try
  • [12m 35s] – Start This with Young Dancers 
  • [14m 43s] – Getting Effort From Dancers in Class
  • [19m 11s] – Holding Dancers Accountable
  • [25m 51s] – Confidence is a Catch 22[29m 08s] – What Kelsey’s Feedback and Celebration Looks Like

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Kelsey Nelson

Kelsey has been traveling North America educating dancers on how to be a complete artist from the inside out since 2016. Kelsey created her own cross-training and teaching method over the past six years and has implemented it with both dancers and educators.

Before Kelsey started her journey as an educator, she worked professionally on various major motion pictures including Rock of Ages, Anchorman II: The Legend Continues, and Disney’s Million Dollar Arm. Her performance credits also include corporate work for companies such as Olive Garden, NFL Pro Bowl, USAA, Outback Bowl, Traveler’s Insurance, and many more. Kelsey had the honor of traveling the world with Royal Caribbean International and works with national talent competitions and conventions including Dance Masters of America, Thrive Dance Experience, Act 1 Talent, Universal Dance Alliance, and more to share her knowledge and educational style.

Kelsey’s desire to make every student in her classroom feel seen and heard is evident in her teaching style and her passion for personal connection can be felt as you enter the room. Her energy and excitement around sharing knowledge and empowering you to discover solutions for yourself provides an experience that is unique and impactful. The number one goal in her class is to learn about who you are as an individual and be able to bring that into the classroom experience whether you are cross training, developing technique, or exploring movement. Kelsey believes in training your brain first and is dedicated to making sure you have the tools you need to take on anything both in a classroom or your daily life. She is impacting the dance training industry and is sought after for her innovative, knowledgeable, and detailed methods, training, and coaching.

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