Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 152 - Josephine Lancuba
Josephine Lancuba

Ep. 152 – Josephine Lancuba

Episode 152: How to Unleash Your Roaring Resilience with Josephine Lancuba


This episode is an incredible story of resilience and how one woman went from leaving an abusive home at 14 to creating a life for herself as a performer and business owner. Our guest today, Josephine Lancuba, is an award-winning performing arts business and talent management professional from Sydney, Australia. She's an educator, speaker, talent agent, and has spent two decades in the arts industry, leading and managing studios and production-based businesses (including her own musical theater studio) for the last ten years.

Josephine's story of resilience is absolutely inspiring, but it's more than that because she shares actionable tips for building resilience as a teacher, studio owner, and how we can help our dancers. We also talk about building confidence, defining your own success, and the power of forgiveness. Hopefully this Passion for Dance conversation will lift your spirits and inspire you to keep sharing your passion for dance!

Before she started her journey as an educator, Kelsey worked professionally on various major motion pictures and corporate work, and now she travels across the country working for national talent competitions and conventions. She is impacting the dance industry and is so sought after for her innovative and knowledgeable training and coaching, which is why I wanted to bring her here to you. She's a master at teaching challenging classes that help dancers find their own motivation and accountability, and she's going to share her little secrets with you today!

“And so, I think as teachers, it's not even so much accountability that we need to focus on. It's clear, communicated expectations prior to whatever it is that you're doing. Whether that's a rehearsal, a conditioning class, a combo, going to convention, going to nationals, whatever it is, just being really clear with the expectations, and then following through and not being afraid of that and putting those “consequences” — I say there's cons“And I think that we have to ask ourselves why we do what we do. You know, why are we doing this? Why are we teaching? Why are we running studios? Why are we performing? Why are we taking classes? Why do we do what we do? And once we tap into that truly, deeply, then success will come from that because it's just pursuing that why.”

– Josephine Lancuba

Key Highlights –

  • [2m 25s] – Josephine and Her Dance Journey
  • [5m 09s] – Josephine’s Resilience Story
  • [11m 45s] – The Power of Forgiveness
  • [23m 49s] – The Resilience-Success Connection
  • [32m 10s] – Actionable Resilience Tips
  • [38m 14s] – Connect With Josephine

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Josephine Lancuba

Josephine is an award-winning performing arts business and talent management professional. She is an Educator, Speaker, Talent Agent, and has spent two decades in the arts industry leading and managing studios, entertainment and production-based businesses including her own musical theatre studio for ten years and its in-house talent management service.

From a young age, Josephine had to make her own way in the world. She went from hardship and humble beginnings, to successfully creating multi six-figure performing arts businesses fueled by passion, joy, and commitment. After a whirlwind career as an Artist that saw her perform on a multitude of stages and on TV screens for over a decade, Josephine leaped into the world of Business and Motherhood. She has not looked back since!

Josephine now teaches Performing Arts Studio Owners how to confidently run a successful and profitable business and speaks on the topic of resilience. Her signature group coaching program, ‘Studio Biz Success’, supports Studio Owners in creating their dream studio through industry support, community, and quality education.

Josephine believes in the social, emotional and physical benefits of the performing arts. She is also an advocate for creating inclusive and positive opportunities for talent and industry.

Josephine Lancuba

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