Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 154 - Young Dancers
young dancers

Ep. 154 – Young Dancers

Episode 154: 3 Ways to Teach Mental Toughness to Dancers between 5 and 10


Do you teach dancers under ten years old? Can you teach dancers that little about mental toughness, or is it better to wait? I'm often asked if mental skills training is appropriate for youth dancers taking level one classes or in the mini competitive program. The answer is, yes, it is appropriate.

In this episode, I’ll share three key ideas to build mental toughness in dancers as young as 5 years old. We’ll also discuss how mental training is just like physical training and the importance of exposing your young dancers to mental skills training at a young age. Talking about mental skills, mindset, resilience might seem like an advanced conversation or just too much for our youngest dancers, but I'm here to say you can talk to dancers about mental toughness at every age. If you teach young dancers, tune in to hear more about building mental toughness at any age!

“There are so many benefits of working on mental skills early on. I mean, wouldn't you love to have tween and teen dancers who already get it? With some exposure to sports psychology early on, kids learn to not judge themselves based on their performance. They can learn to separate their worth and value from their performance onstage, which is a key ingredient in preventing perfectionism. We certainly don't want kids to label themselves as losers or bad dancers, and that starts with exposing them to the tools of sport psychology as early as possible.”

Dr Chelsea

Key Highlights –

  • [4m 00s] – Exposing Dancers to Sport Psychology
  • [4m 51s] – Mental Training is Just Like Physical Training
  • [5m 58s] – First Tip to Build Mental Toughness: Allow Your Dancers to Feel Challenged
  • [7m 39s] – Second Tip to Build Mental Toughness: Be The Role Model
  • [9m 00s] – Third Tip to Build Mental Toughness: How You Talk About Mistakes
  • [11m 58s] – Episode Recap

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