Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 155 - Leadership Interviews
leadership interviews

Ep. 155 – Leadership Interviews

Episode 155: Unveiling the Power of Year-End Leadership Interviews


Before you dive too fast into next season, do you do a leadership interview and ask your dancers to reflect on the past season and share their candid thoughts with you? Though I know sometimes at the end of the season it's easy to go straight into next season, hopefully you take a small break in between. 

While it can be hard to hear, and I understand sending out a survey or sitting down to talk might feel nerve wracking to you, it's incredibly powerful to do this with your dancers. One of the most untapped resources is your leadership (either formal captains, graduating seniors, or even upcoming leaders). Asking them key questions can completely change your next season for the better.

In today’s episode I’ll share with you why it's so valuable to ask your dancers questions at the end of the year. I’ll also be talking about how I learned to ask my dancers to pause and reflect on the last season as well as share with you the five questions you should specifically ask your captains. I promise these reflections with your captains at the end of the year will change how you plan and set yourself up for the next season!

I believe taking one-on-one time with a graduating senior is an essential part of growth as a coach and a team, but there is something special and unique in asking your captains to reflect on their own leadership journey as well. That kind of reflection will not only help you as a coach, it will be an incredible gift to that leader, to learn more about themselves and the skills they've gained through leading your program.

Dr Chelsea

Key Highlights –

  • [5m 01s] – Importance of Asking Our Captions to Reflect on the Year
  • [6m 38s] – How I Learned to Ask My Dancers to Pause and Reflect
  • [9m 29s] – What Questions To Ask Your Dancers
  • [10m 44s] – Question #1: What Single Achievement Are You Most Proud Of?
  • [11m 13s] – Question #2: What Experience/Event Represents the Worst of Last Year?
  • [12m 07s] – Question #3: What New Dance/Performance Skills Did You Learn?
  • [12m 54s] – Question #4: What New Leadership Skills Did You Learn?
  • [13m 08s] – Question #5: What’s The Biggest Compliment You Received?

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