Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 162 - The Sullivan Twins
Sullivan Twins

Ep. 162 – The Sullivan Twins

Episode 162: The Sullivan Twins on Resilience, Pressure, Success and How to Love the Journey


While I'm on a mission to create happier, more successful dancers through positive mental skills, I'm also someone who loves to be inspired by dancers who are living their dreams and are also honest about the hard work it takes to get there. My guests in today’s episode are here to do just that and pull back the curtain on their journey from studio to competitive college team to the Radio City Rockettes.

Caitlin and Courtney Sullivan, known to many of you as The Sullivan Twins, are here today to share their journey and how their mental skills helped make their dreams happen. They talk about values, content creation, training plans, and, of course, the mindset behind it all. While they are professional dancers and they achieved their dream of being Rockettes, they actually didn't make the cut after their first year auditioning. But their story of resilience and being present in high-pressure situations will inspire you to never give up on your dreams!

“You need to know this isn't something that happens overnight. You need to work on it, and I feel like the transition in college was really helpful to then transitioning out of college. We knew what it takes to learn something new. We knew that we needed to push each other. We love to hold each other accountable. So it's like, there are no days off, and if there is a day off, we're taking it together. We're reevaluating things, and when we go back into the studio, it’s like let's push one another so that we can achieve those other goals.”

– Sullivan Twins

Key Highlights –

  • [2m 58s] – Caitlin & Courtney’s Dance Background, Training, and Where They Are Now
  • [7m 32s] – Caitlin & Courtney’s Experience with Big Transitions
  • [13m 00s] – How Caitlin & Courtney Motivate Each Other
  • [17m 51s] – How Caitlin & Courtney Approach Resetting if They Don’t Reach a Goal
  • [22m 04s] – Caitlin & Courtney’s Values
  • [25m 05s] – Caitlin & Courtney’s Impact on Each Other
  • [27m 26s] – Caitlin & Courtney’s Social Media Journey
  • [31m 00s] – Caitlin & Courtney’s Content Creation Process
  • [34m 05s] – Caitlin & Courtney’s Rockettes Audition Process
  • [40m 23s] – Advice on How to be Present in High-Pressure Moments
  • [44m 41s] – Caitlin & Courtney’s Advice to Aspiring Young Dancers
  • [48m 31s] – Advice on How to Cultivate Work Ethic and Growth Mindset In Your Dancers

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Courtney & Caitlin Sullivan

Courtney and Caitlin are professional dancers and content creators better known as “The Sullivan Twins”. Since their start, they have gained half a million followers across social platforms and are recognized for their synchronous and technical dance videos. They recently finished their first season as Radio City Rockettes in the Christmas Spectacular.

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