Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 163 - Culture Killers
culture killers

Ep. 163 – Culture Killers

Episode 163: How to Destroy Team Culture


It's really challenging to teach resilience and confidence and motivation if the team culture is awful. Maybe you've been a part of some incredible cultures as a dancer, or maybe you've been part of some really bad ones. Either way, culture is the foundation that all other mental skills need to thrive. Whether you're at a studio or a school team or an all-star gym, the culture of that group can make or break your ability to work on those positive mental skills.

There are twelve ways that you can quickly destroy a culture, which is a lot to go into in just one episode. So in today’s episode, I'll be sharing about three of those culture killers. I’ll break down how a lazy warmup, complaining, and bad body language can affect your team culture. Listen in to learn how to take control of your team culture!

“Take control of your culture. You get to create the environment you want, and that starts with talking to your dancers about these culture killers and what you want instead. So let's create more positive, more supportive cultures in the industry and be the change we want to see. Take control of it.”

Dr Chelsea

Key Highlights –

  • [2m 36s] – First Culture Killer: A Lazy Warmup
  • [3m 51s] – Second Culture Killer: Complaining
  • [6m 10s] – Third Culture Killer: Bad Body Language

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12 Culture Killers

Free Recourse to outline the 12 culture killers to be aware of… create the positive culture you want!

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