Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 164 - Commitment

Ep. 164 – Commitment

Episode 164: Are Your Dance Team Leaders Truly Committed?


 I'm hearing coaches and studio owners tell me every day how commitment levels are different and how dancers don't seem as committed as they used to. Then you add the need to have leadership on our teams, either formal or not, and if most of your senior-level dancers aren't committed, now what do you do?

In this episode, I'm going to share the idea of a Commitment Continuum. I’ll break down the six levels of commitment for you because understanding where your dancers fall on that continuum helps you improve their commitment to your program. This continuum will give you a solid foundation to open the conversation with your dancers in which you can set clear expectations about the level of commitment you’re looking for from them. Tune in to learn about the commitment continuum and how you can use it to get more from your dancers!

“Any leader who is in these lower levels of commitment (either resistant, reluctant, or existent) is also the leader who's probably entitled. They don't actually put in the work, or they may even actively complain to the rest of the team, often having those conversations behind the coach's back. These leaders at the lower levels will destroy your culture, so always be wary of any leader who's actively resistant, reluctant, or just existing.”

Dr Chelsea

Key Highlights –

  • [2m 42s] – The Commitment Continuum
  • [4m 05s] – First Level of Commitment: Resistant
  • [4m 45s] – Second Level of Commitment: Reluctant
  • [5m 28s] – Third Level of Commitment: Existent
  • [6m 58s] – Fourth Level of Commitment: Compliant
  • [7m 56s] – Fifth Level of Commitment: Committed
  • [8m 16s] – Sixth Level of Commitment: Compelled[9m 33s] – Download The Roadmap for Choosing the Right Captain

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