Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 165 - Captains
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Ep. 165 – Captains

Episode 165: 3 Reasons NOT to have Dance Team Captains


This episode is a continued conversation about team leadership. Last week's episode was all about identifying a truly committed team leader and how to help the whole team be more committed. There is an entire spectrum of commitment, and it's very important that any team leader is one of the top two tiers. So if you missed that and are considering a formal team leadership this year, go back to episode 164 and check that out first!

Usually, I’m all for team leadership. There are so many good things that can come of it, but that's only true if it's the right people. There are team dynamics and situations where formal leadership doesn't make sense. In today’s episode, I’ll be sharing about the three reasons not to have dance team captains or formal leadership, especially in high school and college programs. I’ll also discuss the benefits of creating a leadership committee if you have multiple strong leaders on your team. Tune in to hear all about my top three reasons not to have dance team captains and what you could do instead!

“So whether you choose to have formal leadership or not, what matters most is you do what you believe works for your current team. And I encourage you to consider all of your options, from traditional captains to a leadership committee, and pick and choose what you think will benefit you and your team. I also firmly believe in training your leadership, whether they have a formal title or not, investing in their training matters. So spending the time to educate them on leadership tools is so valuable for your whole season.”

Dr Chelsea

Key Highlights –

  • [2m 46s] – Team Captains
  • [4m 06s] – First Reason to Not Have Captains: Returning Dancers Show No Leadership Potential 
  • [5m 26s] – Second Reason to Not Have Captains: A Division of Power Would Cause Conflict
  • [6m 51s] – Third Reason to Not Have Captains: Brand-New Team or You’re New to the Program
  • [8m 12s] – Create a Leadership Committee
  • [10m 00s] – Assign Leadership Roles Based on School Majors or Passions Outside of Dance

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Journey to Elite Captain

I work with dance team leaders who are excited to be role models for their program. The only problem is, they have never been a leader with this much responsibility, so they don’t know what to do and the coach still ends up doing all the work. Together, your leaders can work through the self-paced online course, Journey to Elite Captain, which teaches your leaders how to be confident leaders and the lead-by-example role models your team needs.

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