Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 166 - Nick Clement of NKC Choreography
Nick Clement

Ep. 166 – Nick Clement of NKC Choreography

Episode 166: How to Cultivate a Winning Coach-Choreographer Relationship on Your Dance Team


If you hire choreographers for your dance team, you’ll definitely want to listen to today's episode for some really helpful insights into that coach-choreographer relationship and how to work together to create championship-winning routines.

Today's guest is Nicholas Kade Clement of NKC Choreography. After his own professional career, Nick started choreographing for dance teams all over the country, and his work has produced multiple national championships, world championships, and numerous teams finishing in top spots at Universal Dance Association, National Dance Alliance, and Dance Team Union National Championships. Behind his many accomplishments, I know him as a hardworking Southern boy who will always make you laugh.

In today’s episode, Nick and I chat about his choreography process, cultivating resilience as a choreographer, and what it takes to create that successful coach-choreographer relationship. Coaches, listen into this episode for the many gems Nick has to offer!

 “I think that compartmentalizing comes into play because not only do I compartmentalize the work I'm doing, I have to compartmentalize me as a human and the person that I am, and how, you know, whatever occurs with the choreography that I put out isn't a reflection on me as a person. It might be a reflection of what I created or the choreography that I gave, but there’s opinions of people that are coming into play with that as well. So it doesn't really define anything for me. And I think that took a while to realize.”

– Nick K Clement

Key Highlights –

  • [3m 21s] – Nick’s Journey and Career Transition to Full-Time Choreographer
  • [7m 26s] – Nick’s Choice to Move Home
  • [9m 16s] – Nick’s Choreography Process
  • [14m 37s] – What Nick Seeks in a Team/Coach Prior to Working With Them
  • [19m 37s] – Resilience to Grow and Thrive Through Constant Evaluation
  • [22m 10s] – Handling Disagreements, Conflicts, and Hard Conversations with Coaches
  • [27m 03s] – Anonymous Example Stories of Team Collaborations
  • [32m 09s] – Nick’s Trick to Helping Dancers Feel Comfortable Working With Him
  • [34m 38s] – Advice for Coaches/Studios Looking to Hire a New Choreographer

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Nick K Clement of NKC Choreography

Nicholas Kade Clement has been choreographing, teaching and inspiring young dancers in the dance team industry for over 15 years. After college, Nick was a performer in parades and shows at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Nick has also danced for several artists including Jennifer Hudson and Jordan Sparks. He eventually used his passion for dance and kick knowledge to create High Kick Technique Intensives that are well known throughout the country as being the most innovative in the industry and producing incredible results. Nick has also created judges kick curriculum for many state and national competitions. Nick’s choreography and intensives have produced multiple National Championships, World Championships and numerous teams finishing in top spots at Universal Dance Association, National Dance Alliance and Dance Team Union national competitions.

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