Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 168 - Team Building
team building

Ep. 168 – Team Building

Episode 168: Where to Start with Team Building: 4 Unique Strategies


Whether you're a coach at a school or teach in a studio setting, your dancers likely need to build a tight-knit team if they're going to be successful this season. Traditionally, people think of connecting socially when they want dancers to be close, but there are actually four types of team building, and social connection’s only one way to build that tight-knit group.

In today’s episode, I'll be sharing those four types of team building to work on this summer if you want to enhance team dynamics and have a group that gets along and works well together all season. Make sure to get the free download that goes along with this episode that covers lots of different team-building games at Tune into this episode to learn how to enhance your team dynamics this season so you can have happier, more successful dancers!

 “But the bottom line is that goal setting provides direction, motivation, and a clear measure of success. That's what's going to help your team dynamics. It keeps everyone working towards the same thing, and you’ll all know if you're getting there or if you're making some choices that are hurting your goals. So take the time to set clear, short-term process goals, and you'll see improved team dynamics as you work towards those goals.”

Dr Chelsea

Key Highlights –

  • [2m 17s] – Team Dynamics
  • [3m 13s] – #1: Strong Social Relationships
  • [4m 48s] – #2: Problem-Solving Skills
  • [6m 37s] – #3: Good Goal Setting
  • [7m 27s] – #4: Role Clarification
  • [8m 56s] – Which Area Speaks to You Most?

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