Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 22- Accept that Technology Changed Our Gen Z Dancers... Here's what you can do

Ep. 22- Accept that Technology Changed Our Gen Z Dancers… Here’s what you can do

Accept that Technology Changed Our Gen Z Dancers… Here's what you can do

There is no denying that the current generation of athletes is different. Not necessarily good or bad, but they are different. There are some things to consider this season when coaching and teaching Generation Z: the advantages, the challenges, and specifically in this episode I want to talk about how technology influences this generation and our ability to teach them. There’s no question growing up as digital natives has changed our dancers. But it’s not all bad and I’ve got some suggestions for how to help.

Here are some highlights:

  • [2m 38s] How our brains work – mini neuroscience lesson
  • [6m 02s] Coaching strategies for connecting with our digital native dancers
  • [12m 13s] Be the role model for the behavior you want to see
  • [13m 48s] Internal reflection and journaling
  • [16m 26s] Journal prompt ideas

Mentioned in the Show:

Journal Prompts

Start a Journaling Practice with your team – bring everyone closer and set the tone of motivation and intention for the season

Competition Journal Prompts: Journal prompts specifically for competition day or the night before

This episode brought to you by:

tiers system

The Tiers System is an app FOR dance coaches made BY dance coaches that gives you the tools to empower your dancers to take control of their technique and development. The app provides you with over 150 skills broken down by category (turns, leaps, jumps, acro/tumbling) and by level (beginner through elite), and the skills lists are customizable so you can make sure it fits your unique team.

The app tracks dancers progress through the skill progressions so you (and your dancers) can transparently see where they are in their skill development and what they need to do to move to the next level (or Tier). You can access a dancers full skills list, see which dancers are strongest in which categories, and select any skill to see the list of dancers on your team with that skill with the click of a button. 

The Tiers System provides you with data insights into your team’s progress, goals, and future. Some other bonuses include tutorials to accompany skills so that dancers can learn independently, practice plan templates, cleaning checklists, discussion prompts for team leaders, and more! 

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2 thoughts on “Ep. 22- Accept that Technology Changed Our Gen Z Dancers… Here’s what you can do”

  1. Is the Tiers System no longer or not yet up and running? I’ve been trying to install or learn about it through their website and other searches and I’m not having luck. I was really looking forward to implementing it into my studio! Otherwise, lovely episode as always. LOVE all the support Chelsea gives, thank you so much!

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