Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 25- Bringing Stats and Analytics to Dance Team - with Erin Manske
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Ep. 25- Bringing Stats and Analytics to Dance Team – with Erin Manske

Bringing Stats and Analytics to Dance Team  – with Erin Manske

Do you ever wish your dancers would focus more on individual growth rather than being the best? I know many dancers who only found success in the win or in being the best when I know they would go so much further and enjoy their success more if they defined success differently. For this episode, I brought in Erin Manske because she has a unique background and take on dance team. She developed a way to bring a little objectivity to our sport without losing the artistry. See, Erin used her background in research and data analysis combined with her dance training to build a skills tracking app called The Tiers System. The Tiers System helps coaches build the best possible team by bringing data and statistics to the dance team world. Through The Tiers System, Erin has helped coaches across the country improve consistency, transparency, and equity in their coaching while empowering their dancers to be more motivated, independent, and intentionally focused on team culture. 

Throughout our conversation, we talk about her new app, and we cover some of the challenges many of us face like motivating our dancers and building confidence. Erin even shares an exercise she does with her team to help them build trust and confidence in each other that I know you’re going to enjoy. 

  • [3m 00s] Dance is not objective, but we can bring some objectivity to it to help motivation and goal setting tracking
  • [8m 20s] Erin’s transition from dancer to business owner 
  • [12m 55s] What assumptions do your dancers bring into the room
  • [17m 40s] Building confidence by building a safety net
  • [21m 00s] Activities to help your dancers learn about the safety net
  • [25m 47s] Tracking individual progress and success in dance

This episode brought to you by:

tiers system

The Tiers System is an app FOR dance coaches made BY dance coaches that gives you the tools to empower your dancers to take control of their technique and development. The app provides you with over 150 skills broken down by category (turns, leaps, jumps, acro/tumbling) and by level (beginner through elite), and the skills lists are customizable so you can make sure it fits your unique team.

The app tracks dancers progress through the skill progressions so you (and your dancers) can transparently see where they are in their skill development and what they need to do to move to the next level (or Tier). You can access a dancers full skills list, see which dancers are strongest in which categories, and select any skill to see the list of dancers on your team with that skill with the click of a button. 

The Tiers System provides you with data insights into your team’s progress, goals, and future. Some other bonuses include tutorials to accompany skills so that dancers can learn independently, practice plan templates, cleaning checklists, discussion prompts for team leaders, and more! 

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