Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 27- Nutrition and Mindset for the Retired Dancer - with Jenny Accettura

Ep. 27- Nutrition and Mindset for the Retired Dancer – with Jenny Accettura

Nutrition and Mindset for the Retired Dancer  – with Jenny Accettura

This is part 1 of a two-part series about improving confidence and for part 1, I focus on where confidence comes from because if we

In this episode, I talk with a registered dietitian and former competitive dancer Jenny Accettura. As usual, I bring the mindset perspective into the conversation and Jenny shared a major mindset shift about nutrition that might serve you if you’re a former dancer…aka an adult who doesn’t train as many hours as you used to! We also discussed the challenging food rules you learned as a dancer and how they may not be serving you now, and how you can talk to your dancers about nutrition if you’re nervous to bring it up because you aren’t an expert. Because I know it was a conversation that intimidated me as a young teacher. And finally, we end with some practical advice about helping our body recover after a long dance day.

About Jenny

Jenny launched Centre Stage Nutrition to combine her passion for nutrition and dance.  With a competitive dance career that spans over 17 years, Jenny understands the unique challenges that dancers face with navigating a culture of unrealistic body image expectations while sustaining the unmatched physical demands of the sport. 

She specializes in helping aspiring, professional and retired dancers navigate this journey to fuel for their best performance and build a healthy relationship with food through 1:1 counselling and nutrition workshops.  Her mission is to disrupt the “ideal dancer body” in the dance world and help dancers build body image confidence. 

Not sure if you are going to include this but in case you are….Mentioned in the episode: 

You can sign up to receive her Dancer Recovery Plan on her website at for recipes, nutrition and lifestyle tips, as well as planning tools to help dancers recover smarter and faster.  

Here are some highlights:

  • [2m 03s] Amy’s story of disappearing right before we were about to compete
  • [8m 31s] Lessons in dance nutrition throughout a career
  • [10m 40s] Retired dancer’s approach to nutrition
  • [13m 43s] Food rules for dancers you might need to let go of
  • [15m 53s] The trap of labeling food as good and bad
  • [17m 33s] Mindset shift you need for your nutrition
  • [19m 16s] Advice for dance educators to talk to your dancers about nutrition
  • [23m 05s] Advice for helping our body recover after a long dance day

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