Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 33- Why You Shouldn’t Tell Tour Dancers to “Leave it at the Door” with Ali Phillips
Ali Phillips

Ep. 33- Why You Shouldn’t Tell Tour Dancers to “Leave it at the Door” with Ali Phillips

Why You Shouldn’t Tell Tour Dancers to “Leave it at the Door” with Ali Phillips

Have you ever told your dancers to “leave it at the door?” I know I used that phrase a lot and it’s because I wanted dancers to come into class with a positive mindset and let go of any drama or challenges that might get in the way. But in this episode, we’re going to challenge that idea because maybe telling your dancers to leave it at the door is doing them a disservice. 

My guest today is Ali Phillips, an Embodied Leadership Coach and she really opened my eyes to a new perspective. Ali owns Bust a Move Dance which is a dance company for children, teens, and adults with disabilities. We discuss our egos as dance teachers, developing a teaching philosophy, and trusting ourselves as young professionals by tapping into our bodies for the answers.

Here are some highlights:

  • [2m 48s] Ali’s dance journey from studio to teaching dancers with special needs
  • [8m 06s] Disrupting the status quo
  • [12m 15s] Balancing teacher’s identity and a focus on the students
  • [15m 05s] Mindset of a young professional and listening to your body for answers.
  • [22m 20s] Setting boundaries to clarify your stance first before handling conflict
  • [24m 05s] Being an Embodied Leader
  • [27m 30s] Don’t leave it at the door

Mentioned in the Show:

Bust a Move Dance:

Instagram   @bamdance_      @aliphillips.official

ali Phillips

Ali Phillips began her career after founding Bust a Move Dance (BAMD), one of Australia’s first inclusive dance companies for children, teens and adults with disabilities in 2009. Gaining unparalleled experience in the Dance, Education and Business spaces, while also establishing herself as a respected leader, Ali has created an exciting and vibrant career, taking her across the world.

Currently living in Toronto and specializing as an Embodied Leadership Coach for Dance, Fitness & Wellness studio owners, Ali is widely known for her ability to disrupt and challenge the status quo.

While teaching dance will always be her first passion she now spends her time working with companies and individuals across a plethora of offerings. From 1:1 leadership coaching, to Culture Code consulting, Specialized Dance Education, public speaking and more, she enjoys time and money freedom allowing her to create conscious and aligned choices that make each day exciting. 

She’s passionate about de-conditioning unconscious bias, having tough conversations around social issues & the exploration of energetics as it relates to our human experience. 

Her WHY is ‘to recognize the potential in herself and others so that they have the freedom and choice to create the authentic life they deserve to live’ and aims to live each day as the most authentic, embodied and confident version of herself. 

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