Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 41 - Developing a Pre-Performance Routine for Confidence

Ep. 41 – Developing a Pre-Performance Routine for Confidence

Developing a Pre-Performance Routine for Confidence

Mental skills are how you get the most out of your physical skills, and it helps ensure your dancers peak at the right time, and compete at their highest ability. Whatever physical skills you have trained are what you see on the competition floor.

See, confidence is just one aspect of mental skills training, but it’s an important one. And while every coach wants athletes to have mental skills like focus, resilience, and confidence during competitions, we often only talk about them and train for those mental skills during competitions. We try to build resilience and confidence through the act of competing.

But mental skills should be practiced when your body is calm and you aren’t in a stressful environment. You want to practice these skills when you’re relaxed, master them in that scenario, then move onto using those mental skills in competition. This episode gives you one idea of how you can do just that… by developing a pre-performance routine.

Here are some highlights:

  • [5m 00s] Mental skills training
  • [8m 25s] The magic of a pre-performance routine
  • [10m 12s] Mental skills advice to try today

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