Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 47 - Coaching and Mentoring for Professional Dance Teams
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Ep. 47 – Coaching and Mentoring for Professional Dance Teams

Coaching and Mentoring for Professional Dance Teams featuring Sabrina and Amira of the Cultivate Code

Today's guests are Pro Dance Team Coaches and Founders of the Cultivate Code, Sabrina, and Amira. These women have a wealth of knowledge about dancing in the NBA or NFL and I think a lot of our conversation translates to high school and college teams as well. We talk about mentoring professional dancers and why it’s so different, giving honest feedback as a coach at any level, the importance of coaching the whole dancer, finding your confidence as an NFL or NBA dancer, misconceptions about what it really takes to be successful in the pro dance team world, and my new favorite topic: coaching your dancers to have a learning mindset. Listen in today for great coaching advice from Sabrina and Amira.

Here are some highlights:

  • [3m 02s] Mentorship in a Pro Dance Team
  • [9m 55s] Confidence as a Pro Dancer
  • [15m 17s] Giving constructive feedback as a coach
  • [21m 04s] Misconceptions of dancing for an NFL or NBA team
  • [28m 55s] Audition preparation
  • [34m 15s] Learning mindset and how it helps you succeed in dance team
  • [39m 00s] Actional steps for dancers and coaches in the pro dance team

Mentioned in today’s show:

Website: The Cultivate Code

Instagram: @thecultivatecode

Growth and Gratitude Journal

3-Day Cultivate Confidence Challenge (happening Feb 6-9, 2022)

LCS Clean & Confident Waitlist page (Opening Feb 15, 2022) 

Cultivate Code

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Sabrina has cultivated and mentored hundreds of dancers all over the world for the past two decades with an emphasis on professional sports. Having been a professional dancer and captain in the NFL for 8 seasons, started pro dance teams from scratch both in the US and internationally, and developed elite programs in the NBA space for the past 15 seasons, Sabrina is widely viewed as a leader in the industry because of her passion for mentoring and eye for talent.

Amira started dancing at the age of 3 and grew up as a competition and studio dancer. She danced on ASU's Spirit Squad before she started dancing for professional sports teams including the Phoenix Suns and Warriors Dance Team. After dancing with the Warriors for 7 seasons, she transitioned to Coach for 3 seasons. Passionate about changing the industry, Amira strives to help dancers become the best version of themselves, both in dance and in life.

Sabrina Ellison
Amira Mourad

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