Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 49 - LSU Tiger Girls: The Coach’s Story
LSU tiger girls

Ep. 49 – LSU Tiger Girls: The Coach’s Story

Coach Kandace Shares Her Story Behind the Championship Win

What if we were “Like a Boy?” Would you treat us differently if we were male athletes? The LSU Tiger Girls had a clear and powerful message in their recent hip hop routine, the choreography was top-notch, and the dancers are so talented. But have you ever wondered what it felt like to coach the team through this journey?

I wanted to celebrate the person behind the team. The one who, along with her assistant coach, had to deliver the bad news when they couldn’t compete, the one who picked them back up and wouldn’t let them quit, and the coach who created a team culture of humble hard-working athletes that stole our hearts and got us all fired up. This is the story of the LSU Tiger Girls, straight from Coach Kandace. 

Here are some highlights:

  • [2m 25s] From coming in 3rd and feeling the FIRE, to be being told “No, you can’t compete”
  • [11m 16s] Making the pivot when you face a roadblock
  • [16m 20s] Educating others on the importance of collegiate dance teams
  • [18m 15s] Coaching through the low moments
  • [20m 30s] Nationals competition day mindset
  • [34m 45s] Winning from the Coach’s perspective
  • [36m 40s] Dancers are athletes
  • [42m 25s] Coach’s lessons

Mentioned in today’s show:

Instagram: @lsutigergirls

Doctors for Dancers

Coach Kandace

lsu tiger girls

Kandace Hale grew up in Mandeville, Louisiana and trained at Northshore Academy of Dance. She is a graduate from Southeastern Louisiana University where she majored in business and was captain of the Lionette dance team. Kandace has worked with many local dance studios and also traveled extensively teaching for Universal Dance Association for 6 years. In 2008, Kandace was married and relocated to Arizona. While in Arizona, she taught at both the local high school and dance studios. She returned to Baton Rouge in 2015 to become the coach of the LSU Tiger Girls. Under her leadership, the Tiger Girls won a national championship at the 2022 Universal Dance Association College National Competition and 2 bronze medals in 2018 and 2020.
Kandace favorite thing to teach is jazz technique. She loves to watch her dancers grow and accomplish new goals but mostly loves to teach them life lessons and leadership.

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