Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 5- The Simple Motivational Mindset You Need to Accept Uncertainty

Ep. 5- The Simple Motivational Mindset You Need to Accept Uncertainty

The Simple Motivational Mindset You Need To Accept Uncertainty

As educators, we are trained in the skills of our sport. We know how to teach our athletes to clean up a routine, improve their turn technique, or achieve a new hip-hop trick. What we don’t always understand is how to coach them to prepare for competition day. Or lately, how to coach through a pandemic. If you never talk to your dancers about mindset and spend time specifically training your athletes to deal with unpredictability, you’re allowing for the unexpected to clutter their minds and pull their focus to the wrong place.

In this episode, I share my #1 mindset mantra that usually functions as a competition day mindset, but lately, it’s my whole mindset for the pandemic. It’s  the mindset you need to stay motivated and accept the uncertainty: “Control the Controllables.”

At its core, this conversation is really about motivation and mindset. For dancers, and for the teachers. How do we stay motivated with all of the unknowns? With this mindset… Control the controllables.

Here are some highlights:

  • [1m 30s] The mindset for dealing with uncertainty
  • [7m 50s] Practical tip: reflect on what is in your control – write it down!
  • [9m 00s] Control the controllables in everyday life
  • [11m 48s] Competition day mindset
  • [16m 16s] What to say to your dancers on competition day 
  • [20m 30s] What to do if you’re tired and burnt out right now
  • [21m 30s] How this mantra influences motivation

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