Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 50- My Dance Story and How it Shaped Me 
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Ep. 50- My Dance Story and How it Shaped Me 

The Birthday Episode!

It's the Passion for Dance Podcast’s birthday! One year ago, I started this journey, and because I launched the show on my actual birthday, it’s also my birthday! So, to celebrate one year and 50 episodes of the show, I figured it was time to share a little more about my own story and some moments in my dance life that shaped who I am today, and why I do this work. I’m getting a little more personal today, but many of you asked to hear my story and I think all of us have important moments in our dance lives that shaped us.

When I went to prepare for this episode and look back over those important moments a pretty clear theme emerged. All of my life I have been shaped by trying to please others while staying in my values. And the constant struggle between people-pleasing and staying true to who I am, became the foundation of a lot of the work I do now. So, here is a little bit about my personal dance journey and the lessons that came out of them…

Here are some highlights:

  • [2m 49s] How a vanilla steamed milk gave me confidence
  • [7m 44s] Being embarrassed on stage taught me about my love of learning
  • [9m 37s] The day I almost quit ballet
  • [12m 14s] My values of learning, inclusion and community

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