Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 56- 3 Key Qualities of an Effective Dance Team Captain

Ep. 56- 3 Key Qualities of an Effective Dance Team Captain

Choosing leadership is a big decision

If you choose to have captains or formal leaders of any kind on your team, that choice can shape your entire season. And I believe the choice of who makes a good dance team leader has nothing to do with dance technique! When you are thinking about who will make the best leaders, there are 3 key characteristics to look for. And this isn't just me talking from experience, although that’s always in there too. This is based on science and a lot of research on what makes a high-quality, effective peer leader. This episode covers the 3 most important leadership qualities to look for in your dance team captains.

Here are some highlights:

  • [2m 02s] Effective communication skills
  • [3m 31s] Work ethic
  • [5m 40s] Maintain a positive general attitude
  • [8m 58s] The most important quality

Mentioned in the Show

Free Download: Roadmap to Choosing the Right Captains

Research citations:

Dupuis, M. & Bloom, G.A. (2006). Team captains’ perceptions of athlete leadership, Journal of Sport Behavior, 29, (1), 60-78.

Holmes, R.M., McNeil, M., & Adorna, P. (2010). Student athletes’ perceptions of formal and informal leaders. Journal of Sport Behavior, 33,(4), 442-465.

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