Passion for Dance Podcast - Ep. 57- How to Prepare your Captain

Ep. 57- How to Prepare your Captain

To Be an Influential Leader

This episode is a continuation of last week where I talked about 3 of the key qualities to look for in a captain. If you choose to have formal leaders, I believe choosing a captain is one of the first and sometimes more difficult decisions you make at the beginning of the season. But once the appointment is made, your work has just begun. Developing leadership skills is an ongoing process, every day, all season long.  You can’t assume they will automatically be a good leader. Even if you believe they have the right personality, they’re a talented athlete, or have already demonstrated skills as a ‘natural leader’. That doesn’t mean they actually know what to do if you give them a leadership role. 

A captain’s influence is powerful. If you spend the time to specifically help your captains develop into the type of leader you want, you will be able to make sure their influence is in line with your vision and direction for the team. Let’s talk about 2 key actions you can take to develop strong leadership skills in your captains.

Here are some highlights:

  • [3m 35s] Spend time establishing the relationship you want with clear communication
  • [7m 30s] Talk to captains about their specific roles
  • [8m 47s] 3 types of leaders, task, social and external
  • [10m 48s] The captain mistake I made early on
  • [13m 52s] Captains are not a coach’s mini-me

Mentioned in the Show

Free Download: Roadmap to Choosing the Right Captains

Research citations:

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